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    Our Raison D'etre

    To protect and empower ordinary Singaporeans with the relevant and essential legal knowledge they need in any situation.

    In today's complicated world, the ability to understand and act on one's legal rights and obligations can mean the difference between a fair victory and a lifetime of suffering. Unfortunately, the complexity of law often poses a significant barrier to those in need of it to protect their lawful interests.

    JusticeSG aims to make the law understandable and accessible for everyone in order to promote a fair and just society. By democratizing legal knowledge, we level the playing field, ensuring that every Singaporean, irrespective of their background, can protect his and his loved ones’ future with the law.

    Our Founding Story

    JusticeSG was founded on 1 August 2023, driven by a shared commitment to secure a just and fair future for Singaporeans through technology. In a world that is becoming ever more complicated, uncertain, and unforgiving, our demand for legal knowledge and services will only continue to rise. However, the current pace of legal research has become a choke point for our legal industry.

    This started us on our journey in the legal technology industry. We believe that the answer is a Generative AI-powered transformation of the legal research experience for legal practitioners, students and non-lawyers. We intend to scale and open our AI-powered legal research tool to every Singaporean to help navigate the intricacies of the law effortlessly.

    Join us on our journey to rewrite the future of legal research, one line of code at a time, and make justice a reality for every Singaporean.

    In today's complex world, understanding one's rights and responsibilities is paramount. Making law understandable and accessible for everyone ensures that each individual is empowered to navigate the intricacies of legal systems with confidence. By democratizing legal knowledge, we level the playing field, ensuring every person, irrespective of their background, has the tools to seek justice and fairness.


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