Military Justice Project

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The Military Justice Project (“MJP”) was originally started under the name of the “Court Martial Project” with the aim of working with the Ministry of Defence in exploring potential improvements in the military justice system, such as the training of Defending Officers in their defence of servicemen who are court-martialed.

The MJP has since expanded to include the following areas through our work with various partners and agencies in the legal field:

Education: Increasing public awareness of the military justice system and its procedures.

Developing Interest: Increasing the interest in the legal field in the military justice system, and in particular, academic interest.

Counseling: Providing a better understanding of the procedure of the military justice system for those dealing with a military charge.

The MJP is still in its infancy, and the Project is still in talks with the Legal Services Department of the Ministry of Defence.

You can contact the MJP at