Events & Publicity

The Events & Publicity Team organises various events to raise awareness of interesting and contemporary criminal justice issues. Over the course of our work, we interact with and assist various governmental bodies and law firms. Our partners include the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Ministry of Law and the Law Society of Singapore. You can contact the Events & Publicity Team at

These are several of the events that the Criminal Justice Club has organised:

Criminal Justice Conference


The Criminal Justice Conference is a dialogue between students and the stakeholders of Singapore’s criminal justice system. Through such dialogue, we hope that students gain a better understanding and appreciation of criminal law and Singapore’s criminal justice system. Students are provided with various perspectives and views and are given a glimpse into the workings of our criminal justice system.

In the 2013 edition of the Criminal Justice Conference, participants and panelists explored various issues that included the mentally ill, the mandatory pro-bono scheme and its impact on the criminal bar and criminal investigations. Our panelists for that year included experts from the legal and medical fraternity as well as representatives from the Attorney-General Chambers and the Singapore Police Force.

Attorney-General’s Cup


The Attorney-General’s Cup is an annual mooting competition organised by the CJC and supported by the Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore and the SMU Moot Court Club. The Attorney-General’s Cup, which is the only criminal law moot in Singapore, was conceived by Professor Walter Woon in 2011. Professor Woon saw the need to make criminal law practice more vibrant and interesting for law students.



Dialogues are organised throughout the academic year. Through these dialogues, the Criminal Justice Club aims to promote and facilitate discussion on critical or contemporary criminal law issues. Various stakeholders of the legal fratinity are invited, and students are given the opportunity to interact with these stakeholders. Thus far, our speakers include the present Minister for Law, K Shanmugam, members of the criminal bar and representatives of the Attorney-General Chambers.