Formed in September 2009, the Criminal Justice Club (“CJC”) is an official sub-club under the National University of Singapore Law Club. Our faculty advisors are Professor Walter Woon, Associate Professor Chan Wing Cheong and Assistant Professor Cheah Wui Ling. The CJC currently has more than 100 student members.

Our guiding motto, ‘Veritatis Et Aequitatis Tenax’, is Latin for persevering in truth and justice. Driven by this, our members have initiated a number of projects and events with the help of various external organisations. In addition to organising annual events such as the Attorney-General’s Cup and the Criminal Justice Conference, the CJC has 5 main arms – the Events Team, Project HELP Centre, the Innocence Project (Singapore), the Military Justice Project, and the Criminal Law Website Project. These projects work cohesively towards the fundamental common goal of raising awareness of important criminal justice issues amongst the student body and the public alike whilst advocating positive change in Singapore’s criminal justice landscape.